Somalia Steven And Jake

  • Period: to


    Somalia War Time Line
  • Massive deaths in Somalia

    350,000 people died from starvation, civil war, and disease
  • Bush pushing in the relief efforts

    Bush starts sending aid to Somalia to help the starving innoncent civilians
  • Food, Food, and more Food

    The first american Aid, food, and supplies land in Somalia in first efforts to help save the starving
  • First troops Diployed

    First American forces are put into action in Somalia
  • Militia's

    Militia's take over the country and attempt to block American aid to the civilians
  • finally broadcasted

    millions over americans watched as the mess in Somalia un folded
  • First American Death

    The first american death in the operation to save the civilians
  • The End?

    The two leaders in Somalia Mohamad Farrah Aidid and Ali Mahdi Mohamed agree to end the fued in Somalia
  • War breaks out

    US forces in Somalia unleashed tank, helicopter and rocket fire on two clan camps in Mogadishu where snipers had been taking potshots at the troops.
  • Suprise!

    United Nations including the U.S. forces launched a night time attack against the forces of Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid, trying to dismantle the un-organized Militia
  • Clinton comes to office

    Bill Clinton is elected as the 42nd president in the United States, Immediatly says the troops will be taken out of Somalia after 15 months of duty in 1994.
  • Explosives cost another life for the U.S.

    Four U.S. soldiers were killed when a land mine was detonated on the side of their vehicle. This angered President Clinton to order Army Rangers to try to capture Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid.
  • Re-enforcement

    Clinton orders more troop, naval power, and heavy Artilery to try to end this war
  • BlackHawk goes down in Somalia!

    Eighteen US Rangers and Delta Force specialists died in a botched raid in Somalia and over 70 were wounded, in a failed attempted capture Mohamed Farrah Aidid.
  • Somalians Turn

    Thousands of Somalis demonstrated in the capital to support Mohamed Farrah Aidid, showing their love for the Militia leader
  • Free!

    U.S. helicopter pilot Michael Durant and a Nigerian peacekeeper were freed by Somali fighters
  • The Start of hating Osama Bin Laden

    Osama Bin Laden was suspected of supplying weapons to shoot down American BlackHawks (helicopters), this was the start of the Osama being on the top of the Terroist watch list in America
  • U.S. Troops Taken out of Somalia

    Clinton takes out American Soldiers, and the U.N. forces stayed to help keep Somalia civil. This was mostly a disapointment to the United States Military.