Soldier Letters George L. Berry

By addi13
  • The General Controversy

    The General Controversy
    Written to Brother Cy
    Aug. 1st, 1861
    Camp of the 5th Regiment

    George speaks ill of officers even though he would rather not. He says that he feels as if they are not doing their duty by them. He also says that he feels like General Mcdowell is a secessionist and he was the reason they got beat. The general marched in front of the batteries as they fired and he believes that's why they lost so many men.
  • Only Three Months

    Only Three Months
    Aug. 1st, 1861
    Camp of the 5th Regiment
    To Brother Cy
    Good news they won't have to stay out there for 3 months because Governor Washburn, Mayor Thomas, and Leonard Andrews were out there and said they didn't have to.
  • Period: to

    George L. Berry

    All of the letters written by George L. Berry are to his brother.
    George L. Berry
  • The Pleurisy

    The Pleurisy
    August 22, 1861
    To Brother
    George has been sick with a really bad cold. The doctor he went to said he was sick with pleurisy. This causes him to have sharp chest pain especially when breathing.
  • Show the Rebels How its Done

    Show the Rebels How its Done
    September 2, 1861
    Camp Vernon
    To Brother
    They are planning on marching down to the river this afternoon. They intend on a masked battery to show the rebels that they are better.
  • A Thanksgiving Soldier

    A Thanksgiving Soldier
    December 1, 1861
    Camp Vernon
    Brother Cyrus
    His Thanksgiving day was spent building a log house for him to stay for the winter. And for dinner they had bread and sutler and some fresh beef.
  • Willie and Ada

    Willie and Ada
    January 1, 1862
    Camp Franklin
    To Brother
    While at battle he received a letter. In the letter he received very sad news; the news was that Willie and Ada died. He said they were like family to him.
  • Love Lucy

    Love Lucy
    January 18, 1862
    Camp Franklin Va
    To his Brother
    George got a letter from his brother. In the letter he was so glad to hear the good news about Lucy getting better. She has not fully recovered but she is on her way.
  • Money of War

    Money of War
    February 15, 1862
    Camp Franklin
    To Brother
    George is a Corporal. So he only gets 13 dollars a month. He wanted to send money but he didn't have any to spare.
  • To Church

    To Church
    March 2, 1862
    Camp Beal Relay House
    It was a Sunday, a very nice day. The soldiers intended to go to Church on this Sunday. The Church they would go to was two miles away from the Barrack.
  • Break to South

    Break to South
    June 15, 1862
    To Brother
    He has received a free ticket to take a break. So with this free ticket he decides to go see some friends in the south for a couple of days.
  • The Great Battle

    The Great Battle
    July 4, 1862
    Harrison's Landing Va
    To Brother
    GL Berry has fought in the great battle. The great battle lasted seven days. They lost 80 members including lieutenant Col.
  • Daily Death

    Daily Death
    August 8, 1862
    Harrison's Landing Va
    To Brother
    There have been so many people sick, its a sickly time. It is so sickly that someone dies everyday sometimes even twice a day.
  • Muddy Miles

    Muddy Miles
    January 7, 1863
    Camp of the 5th Maine Regt Near White Oak Church Va.
    To Brother
    George and the others he was with walked 25 miles down and then 25 miles back. A total of 50 miles in mud. The mud they walked in was 6 inches deep. The reason for all this mud was the recent weather.
  • My Turn Will Come

    My Turn Will Come
    February 14, 1863
    Camp of the 5th Me Regt
    To Brother
    He would like to get a commission, he feels as if he has the right to one. He states he has been in fights enough to get one. George says he can drill a company to. But he says his time for that will come.
  • The Snow Fight

    The Snow Fight
    February 17, 1863
    Camp of the 5th Maine Regt
    To Brother
    They are in a huge awful snowstorm currently. This was a very rare instance but it did in fact happen.
  • The Noble Victories

    The Noble Victories
    Sept 24 /63 11 O clock A. M.
    Camp in Line of Battle Near Culpeper
    To Brother
    The South and Southwest armies have been very noble in battle. It is said that they intend on leading us to other victories. They are so far the noblest.
  • Beginning of a Battle

    Beginning of a Battle
    December 15, date was cut off
    Jessup's Cut
    To Brother
    George and his team battling the measles is a problem. But they also had thought they would be able to leave last of the next week, but that isn't going to happen. They have a strong feeling there will be a large battle in Virginia. The south have already sent 15,000 troops.
  • Bulls Run

    Bulls Run
    March 15, 186-
    Camp Franklin
    To Brother
    They just got back from fighting in Bulls Run. He received news that (?) division is heading down to the river to deal with the rebels. The rebels have a strong hold but without fire, proving that they are afraid.
  • The Guard

    The Guard
    April 24, 1864
    New Orleans La
    To Brother
    George writes to his brother about how they have left Tenn. They are now in New Orleans La/ the city and are on guard duty as a soldier.
  • In Uniform

    In Uniform
    May 26, (date cut off)
    Rockport Me
    To Brother
    Hod and George have pretty much finished their time. This is one of Georges final letters. In this letter he states that they are going to go get their miniatures taken in their uniform.