Social TV Highlights 2012

  • NFL Football

    Kansas City vs. New England had 73,779 uniques sharing 132,594 tweets.
  • NFL Football

    Bears at Broncos had 278,706 uniques sharing 565,551 tweets.
  • NFL Football

    NFC championship game between New York Giants and San Francisco had 631,845 uniques sharing 1,488,765 tweets as most buzzed event..
  • Super Bowl XLVI

    The NFL Super Bowl had 1,900,515 uniques generating 4,077,356 tweets.
  • Pretty Little Liars

    The ABC Family show "Pretty Little Liars" had 408,281 uniques sharing 819,842 tweets.
  • Wrestlemania

    No April Fools, Wrestlemania had 238,725 uniques generating 801,430 tweets.
  • Billboard Music Awards

    The annual music show had 626,567 uniques generating 1,545,775 tweets.
  • NBA FInals

    The NBA Finals game drew 893,890 uniques generating 2,633,308 million tweets.
  • MLB Home Run Derby

    The summer event drew 306,136 uniques generating 721,475 tweets.
  • "Pretty Little Liars" Season Finale

    The end-of-summer finale of this popular teen show drew 631,894 unques sharing 1,701,125 tweets.
  • MTV Video Music Awards

    The annual awards show had 1,472,298 uniques sharing 5,148,115 tweets.
  • Presidential Debate

    The presidential debate at the University of Denver drew 2,451,734 uniques sharing 10,870,081 tweets.
  • American Music Awards

    The annual event drew 827,527 uniques generating 2,823,318 tweets.