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Social Media Timeline

By jbj26
  • Talkomatic

    Talkomatic is created as a mutli-user chatroom. It was an instant sensation among PLLATO System's online community.
  • LunarStorm

    Was originally named Stajlplejs and was changed to LunarStorm in 2000. The "world's first social media on the Internet" was created and coined this phrase by it's founder, Rickard Eriksson.
  • SixDegrees.com

    One of the first true social media sites. Lets you set up a profile, create connections, and send messages between networks.
  • OpenDiary

    First social media blogging network. Invents reader comment and friends-only content.
  • SixDegrees Shuts Down

    SixDegrees Shuts Down
    After being sold to YouthStream for $125 Million in 1999, SixDegrees shut down for being an idea too ahead of its time.
  • Friendster

    Originally a dating site idea that would help set up mutual friends. Users could create a profile and make status updates about mood and message other users.
  • MySpace

    A huge social media site that took over after Friendster failed users. Open and public profiles were a welcoming aspect in contrast to Friendster's private ones.
  • Period: to

    Facebook and YouTube

    "The Facebook" was launched in 2004 and became just "Facebook" in 2005. YouTube launched in 2005 and the first video "Me at the Zoo" now has 56 million views.
  • Twitter

    Although it launched in 2004, Facebook had taken over. Twitter took off in 2006.
  • LinkedIn

    Once known as "MySpace for adults," was the first social network to offer users paid premium packages.
  • YouTube Makes Partner

    YouTube Makes Partner
    YouTube became partners with its users and started giving consistent users with a bigger follower base a platform.
  • Tumblr

    Close to Twitter, Tumblr allowed users to create small messages and statuses to post to interact with other users.
  • Hashtag

    The hashtag defined Twitter. Hashtags have helped spread awareness for movements and helped show popular arguments and opinions through the years across all networks.
  • Famville

    Made TIME Magazine's list for the World's Worst inventions, but was highly addictive for users. There are countless spinoffs for this game in today's age.
  • Grindr

    Grindr was the first geosocial networking dating app for gay and bi-sexual men. It revolutionized hookup culture for LGBT+ men
  • Instagram

    Instagram took the world by storm with it's filters and ability to make statuses that had to have a picture.
  • Pinterest

    A social networking site that allowed people to "pin" or save things they were interested in and became a beacon for revolutionizing the way people dressed, baked, or crafted.
  • Snapchat

    A soon to be rival of Instagram let users send disappearing pictures to people as a way to interact with each other. Soon, they added stories that disappeared after 24 hours and chats that were able to be saved and kept forever.
  • Vine

    Vine launched, an app where a lot of creators got their starts by making six second funny videos. This app was the basis for apps to come.
  • Musical.ly

    Musical.ly is a lip-syncing app that a lot of vine users went to to reach more follower base
  • Vine Shuts Down

    Vine Shuts Down
    Vine shut down due to failure to support creators during high levels of competition. Most of the users went on to become YouTubers and musical.ly creators.
  • Facebook Live

    Facebook Live
    Facebook was late to the livestreaming game, but has secured success through partnerships and resources.
  • Fake News

    Fake News
    During the election, mainstream influencers had fallen subject to reposing misinformation (like false claims and conspiracy theories) spread by Russians in attempts to influence the election.
  • TikTok

    TikTok was an app that merged musical.ly and vine together. Creating new content and filters and audios that could be lip-synced.
  • Musical.ly Shuts Down

    Musical.ly Shuts Down
    After losing traction, users went to TIkTok and Musical.ly shut down.
  • IGTV App

    IGTV App
    IGTV is an app that was created by Instagram where users can post up to an hour long video. The idea is similar to that of YouTube.