Smart Bullet

  • Jan 1, 1424

    First bullet

    The first bullet was a muzzel-loader . They were very inaccuarate
  • Upgraded bullets

    They noticed that muzzel loaders where very inaccuarate so they started to construct more aerodynamic. It made the guns more accurate.
  • First cartridge bullet

    They started making bullets that had powder included in the bullet than shoving gunpowder into the barrel.
  • Brass bullets

    By using the new brass bullets it made the gun more reliable and the gun will be more reliable also.
  • Bullet proof glass

    A french chemist named Edouard benedictus. He discovered it by accidentally dropping a glass beaker coated with plastic cellulose nitrate. But didn't break only cracked.
  • Gun silencers

    The first commercialized silencer was created by Hiram Percy Maxim. Hiram P. Maxim. They were sold for less than $5 each.
  • Cruise missle

    This was when they first cruise missle was guidable. it was used in the cold war and could be controlled from far distances.
  • Hollow point bullet

    It was a bullet that had a hollow inside so it would expand on impact so it would destroy more tissue as it traveled through the target.
  • Smart bullet

    Guided bullet that can give accuracy to any gun because it was controlled by a LED lazer which locks on to its target.
  • Bullet tracers

    It included incendiary compound, usually a phosphorus or magnesium mixture in the base of the bullet. When a tracer is fired the powder in the cartridge both propels the bullet and lights the incendiary mixture. It is often used in machine guns and shoots off ever 5 rounds.