Slavery & The Events Leading up to the Civil War

  • Missouri Compromise

    in1820 herny clay proposestin the senate abalance between the number of slave state and the number of the free so the 36 30 parrlel line was establish free to the north slaveto the south.
  • Nat Turner's Rebellion

    In virginia in 1831 Nat Turner and 60 slaves wanted to oppose slavery. But they kill plantation owners. So the southern white kill many innocent slave and passed the Black codes or laws that further lommting slave freedom
  • the under groung railroad

    The under ground railroad was about sercty people helping runaway slave
  • your assigned abolition event

    levi coffin was kown as the president of the under ground railroad.he help many slave reach freedom
  • compromise of 1850

    In1850 Herny Clay wanted the south stay in the union but the free state would out number the slave states in the senate. So the comporise of 1850 was passed califorian was allowed to become a free state. But voter in new territories would decide if they would be free or slave. The fugitve slave act required people to ctach and return a run away to its owner.slave trade was no longer allowed in washington D.C,but it was still alowed
  • kansas-nebraska act

  • Dred Scott Case

    In1857 Dred Scott wanted to be a free person. But the supreme court said that slave aren't ciztens.So they werern't even
  • president election of 1860

    the election of 1860 was about abraham lincoln wining the election
  • Attack of fort sumter

    on april 12 1861 confederate troops attacked fort sumter. soon after the union supply ships arrived but did not attempt to reach the fort