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Slavery and the Events leading up to the Civil war

  • Underground Railroad

    Underground Railroad
    The underground railroad is just a secret passage made of people, places, and routes to help slaves get to freedom. Slaves had to travel 4 long months just to get to the U.S. Most slaves escaped from the upper south because the deeper south was harder to escape from. They had many names for people who helped out with it.
  • Levi Coffin

    Levi Coffin
    He was a station master in New Garden North Carolina. He was called the president of the underground railroad for helping over 2,000 slaves to saftey. He was born in the south but was against slavery. He was a temperance leader, abolitionist, and philanthropist. He was a very famous abolitionist.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    Was made so that Missouri could stay a slave state but Maine also got to join as a free state and the north got 2 more senators. The 36"30 line was established during this compromise. This was a 2 part compromise.
  • Nat Turners Rebellion

    Nat Turners Rebellion
    Nat Turner was the leader of the slave rebellion. This took place in Virginia. There was about 60 or 70 slaves and they killed about 60 plantation owners. He went to jail for this and was executed by hanging. This rebellion made everything worse for slaves free or not because the whites did not trust them anymore. This lasted 2 days from August 21-22.
  • Dred Scott vs Sanford (Dred Scott Case)

    Dred Scott vs Sanford (Dred Scott Case)
    Tryed to file a law suit against his owner. He was ones on free land so he thought he should be free. Taney said that Scott was an inferior race and had no rights. Congress had to protect the rights of slave owners not slaves. Scott lost 7 to 2. He was later freed than died a year after that.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    California wanted to join the union but that would make the senate on even. The fugitive slave law was passed during this compromise. This compromise got ride of the 36"30 line. It was a 5 part compromise. Slave trade was abolished in D.C. during this time.
  • Kansas Nebraska act

    Kansas Nebraska act
    New constitution was drawn up. The Kansas Nebraska act got ride of the missouri compromise. Steven Duglas came up with this. Pro and anti-slavery senators caming rushing into Kansas to claim it. Got named bleeding Kansas from death toll rising. Kansas became a state right before the civil war.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas
    Senators were attacking eachother. They were fighting over whether Kansas should be a free or slavery state. There was alot of violence at this time. This started because they let the people of kansas decide whether it should be a free or slave state.
  • Presidential election of 1860

    Presidential election of 1860
    Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Douglas, John Beckinridge, and John Bell were the canidates that ran. Abraham won without any southern votes. He won the northern states. Douglas won Missouri and S.N.J. Beckinridge won the southern states. John Bell won the border states.
  • Attack on Fort Sumter

    Attack on Fort Sumter
    Fort Sumter was located on an island. Fort Johnson and Fort Moultrie were on either side. It happened at 4:30 A.M. Bolriguard is the one who ordered to fire upon Anderson. Edmen Ruffin gave the signal to start fireing. After 34 hours of them fighting a white flag came up over the fort. This was the opening to one of Americas bloodiest wars.