Slavery and states' rights

  • KAnsas-Nebraska act

    KAnsas-Nebraska act
    The Kansas-Nebraska act decided whether tp be free or a slave holding state.
  • Dred Scott decision

    Dred Scott decision
    The Dred Scott decision was a case that said slave were niot citezens and couldn't sue for rights.
  • January 28, 1861

    January 28, 1861
    January 28, 1861 was when texas had a vote to seceede even though Sam Houston did not.
  • Febuary 1, 1861

    Febuary 1, 1861
    Texas seceeded
  • February 23, 1861

    February 23, 1861
    Abraham Lincoln avoided a assasign plan that had been a rumor. He went into confederate territory to talk to Elihu Washburne.
  • March 2nd, 1861

    March 2nd, 1861
    Congress passed the 13th amendment.