Slavery and States Rights

  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Kansas-Nebraska Act
    In 1854 Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act allowing the Kansas Nebraska territories to decide if they wanted have slavery in their states.
  • Dred Scott

    Dred Scott
    The United States Supreame Court decided that black slaves could not ever become citizens of the U.S. which mad many people angry and rebelious and started a revolt.
  • Secesseion

    The Secession Convention mets in Austin
  • Texas Secedes

    Texas Secedes
    Texas becomes the 7th state to secede with a vote of 166 to secede and 8 to not.
  • Lincon Arrives in Washington

    Lincon Arrives in Washington
    Lincon Arrives in Washinton D.C. after almost being assinated by an anti unionist during a speach at George Washintons Birthday celebration.
  • Texas Leaves union

    Texas Leaves union
    On March 2, 1861 Texas left the Union and was the 7th state to leave. They joined the Confedercy states of America.