Slavery and events leading up to civil war.

  • comprimise of 1820

    comprimise of 1820
    In 1820 Henry Clay propocces in the senate a balance of power in the senate by balancing the number of free states and slave states but by exccepting missouri as a slave state they had to add Miane as a free state to make them become equal and the 36,30 line was also eztablished and free was above and slave was below.
  • The Underground Railroad.

    The Underground Railroad.
    in 1780s the underground railroad was formed to free slaves with out violence.Levi Coffin was the president of the underground rail road. During the years that the under ground rail road was know many blacks were freed from the south and continued into canada were slave catchers were not allowed.
  • Abolitionist Event

    Abolitionist Event
    David Walker lived in Massachutes and was a free black. He published an artical called Walkers Appeal on anitslaverytowards slave owners. David Walker was an abolisionist who supported violence against slavery and acting out with violence he gave speeches and wrote an artical. He was the leader of the Colored Assocation until he died mysterusly.
  • Nat Turners Rebellion.

    Nat Turners Rebellion.
    In virginia in 1831 Nat Turner lead a rebellion with other slaves againts slave owners plantation owners and their family's. In this rebellion he led a group of about 60 to 70 slaves. They killed the entire Travis family and a total of 60 plantation owners and family members. This led to a panic amoung other plantation owners who beat and killed some of their slaves so others would not act out with violence. Also after the rebellion slavers were even more limited with the black codes passed.
  • Compromise of 1850.

    Compromise of 1850.
    In Washington D.C in 1850 Henry Clay proposes in the senate that California be added to the states as a free state but the sought didnt like this. So he added that in return the south would get the Fugitve slave law. This law stated that all slaves or blacks be returned to the south to their owners. California became a free state and slave catures went to the north and by law white men in the norht had to tell them were they thought slaves were hidding or face fines or jail time.
  • Kansas Nebraska Act

    Kansas Nebraska Act
    on May 30 1854 Henry Clay started the Kansas Nebraska
    Act but becam ill. Stephen Duglas took over. He that Kansas and Nebraska would be free or slave by the number of Pro slavery votes and Anti Slavery Votes. in 1861 Janurary 29 after years of fighting and killing, Kansas became a free state.
  • Dred Scott Case

    Dred Scott Case
    on March 6 in 1857 in missouri a slave named Dred Scott and his wife wanted to be free so they went to the suprem court to sue for the freedom. One aspect was wether or not the consitution reconized Dred scott as a citizen of Missouri. When the constitution was writen slaved people were considered an inferior race. So blacks lived and wored but had no rights in the government and also applied for free blacks. So Dred Scottt even though he was free at the time lost but won later on but then died.
  • Presidential Election of 1860

    Presidential Election of 1860
    The Presidential Election of 1860 was won by Abraham Lincoln who was the first republican to win an election. Also he won the election with out 1 single southern states vote. The south was so mad South Carolina seceded from the Union. Abraham Lincoln didnt want to end slavery though, he though that the south needed it and that it was good for the economy of the south but he did not want it to expand to the territorys.
  • Attack on Fort Sumter

    Attack on Fort Sumter
    On April 12 1861 in the Harbor of Charleston South Carolina right after South Carolina had seceded confederate forts and gun batterys open fire on Fort Sumter. Three supply ships wating in the main ship channel could not take the risk of going to the Fort. Although no one was killed the confederates would not let up on the fire. After this event the Civil War Starts.