Significant Literacy Experiences

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  • Writing Short Stories

    Writing Short Stories
    In 1st grade, we wrote short stories and illustrated them weekly. They could be about anything and the focus was to sound out the words and create a beginning middle and end for the story.
  • Novel Read Alouds

    Novel Read Alouds
    In 2nd grade, Mrs. Wartel read James and The Giant Peach aloud to the class. I remember hanging on every word.
  • First Creative Book Report

    First Creative Book Report
    In 5th grade, I read The BFG and created a 4ft tall paper mache giant. I think I read every book that Roald Dahl wrote that year.
  • Read To Kill A Mockingbird

    Read To Kill  A Mockingbird
    This was the first "classic" that I read. I remember being surprised at the discussions of the different metaphors and meanings in the book.
  • Shakespeare

    This was the 1st time I read something for school and had no idea what was going on in the book. I felt so lost.
  • Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing
    I mentored other kids in High School who had learning disabilities. I worked with them on reading and writing. We went rock climbing one day for a field trip and they began to teach me how to "read" the trails, the forest, the cliffs, the rocks, my footing and the muscles in my body. It was enlightening.
  • My Daughter's Diagnosis

    My Daughter's Diagnosis
    When my daughter was diagnosed with visual, physical and cognitive disabilities we visited many doctors and specialists. The medical world, especially neurology, used vocabulary that I couldn't pronounce or read. I felt so overwhelmed and unintelligent. After a few weeks, I began to be able to follow what the doctors and their reports were saying about Isabelle's brain and her needs.
  • Teaching Isabelle Her ABC's

    Teaching Isabelle Her ABC's
    When Isabelle began to recognize letters and remember their sounds it felt like a new hope had been given to her. It was an amazing feeling as a mother to have that hope for a future restored.
  • Reading My Childhood Books To My Children

    Reading My Childhood Books To My Children
    My son and I read James and The Giant Peach together. I remembered how much I enjoyed it and it was such a wonderful experience for the two of us.
  • Battle Of The Books

    Battle Of The Books
    I was so proud of my son this past year with his ability to enthusiastically read 13 books of different genres for the Battle of the Books Contest. His enthusiasm was contagious.