Significant Inventions in Computer History from the 1970's

By mgerlak
  • The First PC

    The First PC
    Judges for the computer museum in Boston came to the conclusion that the first official personal computer was made by John Blankenbaker in 1971 and it was called the Kenbak-1. Sales of the PC were not successful, but it was the first of its kind
  • The First Microcomputer

    The First Microcomputer
    In 1975 the Altair 8800 was sold through hobbyist magazines gaining thousands of sales within the first few months after its release. the Altair is is credited with starting the boom in microcomputers at the time due to its popularity.
  • IBM 5100

    IBM 5100
    The IBM 5100 was made later in 1975 and was the first portable computer. The IBM had a small screen and a built in tape drive, but is said to weight around 55 pounds.
  • Apple I

    Apple I
    Steve Wozniak released the Apple I in 1976 selling it for $666.66 for the fully assembled circuit board. The Apple I was sold by its self if you wanted a case, keyboard, monitor, or power supply these had to be provided by you. the Apple I was released in 1976 and discontinued in 1977.
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    One of the first successful PCs. The Apple II was know for being easy to use and expand. Selling around 5,000,000 computers, this computer helped Apple Inc. climb towards it's current success.