Significant Inventions

  • Trek USB Drive

    Trek USB Drive
    The Trek USB Drive became commercially available in the year 2000. The ability to carry around memory in this capacity is quite the achievement! Thank you Trek Technology.
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    Microsoft release the anticipated Xbox 360! This console came with so much enjoyment and kept so many teenagers and adults busy throughout the day.......I know I wasted hours playing Call of Duty Zombies.
  • Iphone 1

    Iphone 1
    The very first iPhone paved the way to the powerful cellphones we carry in our pockets. This iPhone was released in 2007 by the infamous company, Apple.
  • (IOS) App Store

    (IOS) App Store
    Apple finally released its app store for use! The ability to purchase and download apps at the touch ones little fingers is very convenient and helpful. The feature definitely help shape our culture for the better.
  • iPad

    The first iPad is released into society by my favorite company Apple. This tablet computer brought entertainment in a size thats not to big or to small. Being able to listen to music, make calls, or even some work only fueled our huger for more technology.