Significant Events from1710-1800

Timeline created by JoelNeris
  • Benjamin Franklin Born

    Benjamin Franklin Born
    He was born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Was a printer

    Was a printer
    Was working with his brother James Franklin as a printer at the ag of 12
  • Philadelphia!

    He arrived in Philadelphia basically looking like a bum because he was very dirty, poor, and hungry.
  • Founded Junta

    Founded Junta
    Founded Junta, a debating club in Philadelphia
  • Gazette

    He purchased the Pennsylvania Gazette, where he printed the paper and wrote little articles too.
  • Got married

    Got married
    He married his wife Deborah Read Rogers. He first met her in 1723, when he first came to Philadelphia.
  • Library

    In 1731 he established the first public library in Philadelphia.
  • Poor Richard

    Poor Richard
    Started publishing Poor Richard. It basically was a newspaper that contained recipes, weather reports, predictions, etc.
  • Union fire company

    Union fire company
    He organized Philadelphia's Union Fire Company, the first one in the city.
  • Fireplace

    He invented the Pennsylvania fireplace (franklin stove)
  • Electricity

    He conducted electricity. He also founded the Academy for Education of Youth, which is now the University of Philadelphia.
  • Kite experiment

    Kite experiment
    He wanted to prove his theory about electricity so he tied a kite around a key and the lightning struck it.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    He signed the Declaration of Independence.
  • Treaty of Alliance

    Treaty of Alliance
    A treaty that insured French support during the war.
  • Died

    Ben Franklin died in 1790 at the age of 84. 20,000 people attended his funeral