Significant Events During My Lifetime

Timeline created by Care27
  • WWW Begins

    A scientist at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, published a proposal which aimed to provide academic institutions to organize and share doccuments accross the internet
  • Google

    Google formed their company
  • Text Messaging

    Text Messaging
    The first recorded text message sent was in 1992 when a 22 year old engineer, Neil Papworth, sent it off of his computer. Since then text messaging has grown and just about everybody uses it as a second nature.
  • American Online Offered Dial Up

    Ameican Online started providing dial-up internet access.
  • Google

    Google was launched accross the internet
  • The Launch of Facebook

    The Launch of Facebook
    Mark Zuckerburg, a student at Harvard, launched facebook on ths day in 2004. It was first created as a social network for Harvard students the soon spread to other universities and eventually the entire world.
  • Launch of Youtube

    Launch of Youtube
    YouTube was launched to the public. It was a website where the users would create and publish the content. It was created by Stephen Chen and Chad Hurley
  • Youtube was Sold

    YouTube was sold for 1.65 billion dollars
  • iPhone

    In 2007 the iPhone was launched and since then has only become more useful. Since then, 5 different iPhones have been released. You can use them for just about anything like searching the web, text and picture messaging.
  • Yahoo

    Yahoo was founded and has grown sicne. I currently use YahooMail and for a search engine.