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    Life of Ahava-Devorah Sladovsky and World War II

  • Ahava-Devorah Sladovsky's Birth

  • Hitler Comes to Power

  • First Concentration Camp opened in Germany-Dachau

  • Olympic Games start in Berlin

  • Olympic Games in Berlin end

  • Buchenwald Opens

  • Germany annexes Austria

  • Kristellnacht

  • Jews no longer allowed in German schools

  • Ahava-Devorah was offered a spot on the Kindertransport

    December 2, 1938
  • Auschwitz Opens

  • All Jews older than six are required to wear a yellow star with Jude written on it

  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Opens

  • Ahava-Devorah deported to Riga

  • Chelmno Death Camp Opens

  • Killing Jews in Gas Chambers begins

  • Wannsee Conference

  • Ahava-Devorah and twin sister Sabra deported to Auschwitz

  • Ahava-Devorah and Sabra first tested by Doctor Josef Mengele

  • Sabra dies after tests by Dr. Mengele

    Dr. Mengele wanted to see the difference in how long each twin could survive underwater. Sabra died after just 30 seconds of exaustion, heat, and drowning all combined. Ahava-Devorah survived for more than 3 minutes so Dr. Mengele thought she could be used and brought her up.
  • Inmates at Treblinka Rebel

  • German officers try to assinate Hitler

  • Prisoners at Auschwitz-Birkenau blow up one crematorium

  • Soviet Troops liberate Auschwitz

  • Ahava-Devorah is freed from Auschwitz

  • Adolf Hitler commits suicide

  • Germany surrenders and war in Europe ends

  • Ahava-Devorah immigrates to Israel

  • Ahava-Devorah marries Yonatan Fisher

  • Ahava-Devorah has a baby girl and names her Sabra after her late sister

  • Ahava-Devorah has another baby girl named Amrah

  • Ahava-Devorah turns 86