Shaylas French Indian (and Brittish) war Timeline

  • Washington defeats french exploritory party

    An army of 150 Virginians beat french exploritory party, and it is one of the first victories and one of the first battles of this war.
  • Albany Congress approves Franklins plan for the union

    Albany Congress approves Franklins plan for the union
    Albany congress approves plan for the union, but only some of the colonies/states accept it, so the plan is not complete.
  • Fort Necessity

    Fort Necessity
    Washinton surrenders (the puny) Fort Necessity to the french. One of the few French victories.
  • Fort Duquesne

    Fort Duquesne
    Another French victory. Braddock and his army are beaten by the French and Indians.
  • Acaidans EXPELLED

    Acaidans EXPELLED
    6,000 Acadians are expelled from Acadia because they refused to be loyal to brittain
  • War Declared

    War  Declared
    The seven year war officially begins.
    Congress declares war
  • Louisburg captured

    Louisburg captured
    General Amherst captures Louisburg. Another English victory.
  • Fort Niagara

    Fort Niagara
    Johnsons soldiers and Iriquios capture fort Niagara, It is located near Lake Erie, and now is an English victory.
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    Montcalm and Wolfe are killed in this battle, English are victorious.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    Treaty of Paris is signed, officially ending the war. Also known as the seven year war.