Shayans 1970's timeline

  • Apollo 13 mission suffers huge setback

    Apollo 13 mission suffers huge setback
    Apollo 13 was intended to be the third mission to carry humans to the surface of the Moon, but an explosion of one of the oxygen tanks and resulting damage to other systems resulted in the mission being aborted before the planned lunar landing could take place.,9171,878865,00.html
  • The Beatles Break Up

    The Beatles Break Up
    The break up of the beatles is one of the most shockings things that has occoured. There were one of the most influential musical groups in history. There was many reasons that the beatles broke up, and it was on a spific day, it was an extent of time.they were involved in financial and legal conflicts and it had there differances.'_break-up
  • First Earth Day

    First Earth Day
    • Each year, Earth Day -- April 22 -- is the anniversary of the environmental movement in 1970. Of hippy culture,in 1970 jimi Hendrix died. There was a war going on in Vietnam and students nationwide all hated it. the energy of the anti-war protest movement and putting environmental concerns front and center. movement
  • Cigarette ads are banned on TV

    Cigarette ads are banned on TV
    On April 1st 1971 president Nixon officaly banned cigarette ads on television and radio. • Cigarette makers were very upset with this action, they showed evidence that nicotine was addictive and that cigarette smoking caused cancer. they protest to get them back, but they lost . . The last televised cigarette ad ran at 11:50 p.m. during The Johnny Carson Show on January 1, 1971. .
  • London Bridge Brought to the U.S

    London Bridge Brought to the U.S
    London Bridge is a bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, United States. It is a rreconstruction of the Londonm bridge in 1831. It was bought by Robert P. McCulloch from the City of London. •
  • Disney world opens

    Disney world opens
    Disney world is located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The resort has four theme parks, two water parks, 23 on site themed resort hotels, including a campground, two spas and physical fitness centers, five golf courses, and other recreational venues and entertainment. It was devolped by Walt Disney in 1960, releated to DisneyLand in California.
  • Supream Court rules agaisnt death penelty

    Supream Court rules agaisnt death penelty
    On Tuesday 1972 Supream court abolished the death penalty for convicted killers who committed their crimes before the age of 18. . "The age of 18 is the point where society draws the line for many purposes between childhood and adulthood. It is, we conclude, the age at which the line for death eligibility ought to rest," Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion.
  • KKK riots in NYC

    KKK riots in NYC
    The first KKK group started in the South late 1860, then died out latye 1870's, but that doesn mean all groups stopped. Theres is still KKK groups going on today. Memebers of the group ware: white costumes: robes, masks, and conical hats, designed to be outlandish and terrifying, and to hide their identities.
  • M*A*S*H T.V. Show Premiers

    M*A*S*H T.V. Show Premiers
    This show stared during the Korean War but was really based on Vietnam War. . It stars Donald Sutherland, Tom Skerritt and Elliott Gould, with Sally Kellerman, Robert Duvall, Rene Auberjonois, Roger Bowen, and, in his film debut, football player Fred Williamson.This stared from 1972 to 1983.*A*S*H_(TV_series)
  • Abortion Legalized in U.S.

    Abortion Legalized in U.S.
    Abortion was lwgal in every state up until 1973, Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. Decided to make it illegal in all 30 states , but it was legal under certian issues in the other 20 states . Roe established that "the right of personal privacy includes the abortion decision, but that this right is not unqualified, and must be considered against important state interests in regulation."
  • Paul Getty Kidnapped

    Paul Getty Kidnapped
    At 3am on 10 July 1973, Getty was kidnapped. A note was recived to his father asking for 17 milllion dollers to have his son safe back at home. The family was suspicious that it might of been a young teen just playing a trick on them. He was blindefolded and hide in a moutian hide out, a second demand was recived buit the father refused. So in the mail the familey recieved Pauls ear. Getty III was found alive in southern Italy on 15 December 1973, shortly after the ransom was paid
  • Endangered Species Act

    Endangered Species Act
    This law was signed by Preident Richard Nixon in 1973. It was created to protect imperiled species from extinction.
  • Patty Hearst Kidnapped

    Patty Hearst Kidnapped
    On February 4, 1974, Patty Hearst, the 19-year-old daughter of newspaper publisher , was kidnapped from her apartment in Berkeley, California, by two aferican american men and a white woman, all three of them had guns. Her fiance, Stephen Weed, was beaten and tied up along with a neighbor who tried to help.
  • National speed limit 55

    National speed limit 55
    The National Maximum Speed Law in the United States was a provision of the 1974 Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act that prohibited speed limits higher than 55 miles per hour . It was because of the oil crisis in 1973.
  • Girls allowed to play in Little League Baseball

    Girls allowed to play in Little League Baseball
    A ruling by Sylvia Pressler, hearing examiner for the New Jersey Civil Rights Division on Nov. 7, 1973, was later upheld in the Superior Court, leading to Little League Baseball's admittance of girls into its programs. Until then, Little League regulations had prohibited girls from participating, and the change led to greater opportunities, such as those for the 10 girls who played on teams that have reached the Little League Baseball World Series.
  • Jimmy Hoffa disappears

    Jimmy Hoffa disappears
    • James Riddle "Jimmy" Hoffa (born February 14, 1913 – disappeared July 30, 1975, He was a labor Union Leadrer, who was involved in International Brotherhood of Teamsters union as an organizer from 1932 to 1975. He was a union General president from 1958 to 1971. He had the largest single union in the united states with over 1.5 billion joined.
  • President Ford assassination attempts

    President Ford assassination attempts
    Ford escaped two assassination attempts, both by women. First on September 5, 1975, Lynette Fromme, a follower of Charles Manson, pointed a gun at him but did not shoot. She was convicted of attempting to assassinate the president and sentenced to prison for life. The second attempt on Ford's life occurred on September 22, 1975 when Sara Jane Moore fired one shot that was deflected by a bystander.
  • Computerized Supermarket checkouts begin to appear

    Computerized Supermarket checkouts begin to appear
    During the 70s, the first computerized supermarket checkouts were installed and food packages started having barcodes. Private labels were waning in the late 60s. In response, many retailers like Kroger, Loblaw and Bohack begin dropping their own label prepared frozen vegetable lines in the early part of the decade.
  • Red Dye #2 is banned

    Red Dye #2 is banned
    Without red die instant chocolate pudding would be greenish, artificially flavored grape soda would look like a bluish, and cake mixes would have a lemony-green tinge. The substance is Red Dye, which has been used for decades to brighten up innumerable products, including frankfurter casings, pet foods, ice cream, gravies, makeup and myriad red pills.,9171,945520,00.html
  • West Point admits women

    West Point admits women
    • On October 8, 1975 , the President of the United States signed into law a bill directing that women would be admitted to America ’s service academies. The law stated that:
    • “. . . the Secretaries of the military departments concerned shall take such action as may be necessary and appropriate to insure that (1) female individuals shall be eligible for appointment and admission to the service academy concerned, beginning in calendar year 1976, and ..... to be continued .
  • Legionnaire’s disease strikes 182, kills 29

    	Legionnaire’s disease strikes 182, kills 29
    • DENVER — Two hospital patients died in an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease that probably was spread by contaminated water from a hot-water holding tank, officials said. Two others contracted the disease. The cases occurred between February and early April at St. Anthony Hospital Central.
  • New York City blackout

    	New York City blackout
    New York City from July 13, 1977 to July 14, 1977. The only neighborhoods in New York City that were not affected were in southern Queens, and neighborhoods of the Rockaways, which are part of the Long Island Lighting Company System.
    • Unlike other blackouts that affected the region, namely the Northeast blackout of 1965 and the Northeast blackout of 2003, the 1977 blackout was localized to New York City and the immediate surroundings. Also in contrast to the 1965 and 2003 blackouts, the 1977 bl
  • First black Miss Universe

    First black Miss Universe
    Miss Universe 1977, the 26th annual Miss Universe pageant was held at the National Theater. July 16th Janelle Commissiong recieved Trinidad & Tobago, first miss universe crown and was the first cblack wonmen to win the title.
  • Elvis found dead

    Elvis found dead
    • Elvis Presley died on 16 August 1977 at his home Graceland in Memphis. His body was found by girlfriend, Ginger Alden in the upstairs bathroom. Ginger summoned Joe Esposito & Al Strada and Dr Nick. All efforts to revive Elvis were futile. Elvis had probably been dead for many hours by the time his body was found.Elvis was pronounced "dead on arrival" after an 30 minute attempted cardiopulmonary resuscitation. He was pronounced clinically dead at on the steps of the Baptist Hospital, Memphis
  • Love Canal in New York declared federal disaster

    	Love Canal in New York declared federal disaster
    In the mid 1970s the love canal was the national and international attention , but they later they had uyncovered that it had been used to bury 21,000 tons of toxic waste by Hooker Chemical (now Occidental Petroleum Corporation).
  • John Paul II Becomes Pope

    John Paul II Becomes Pope
    John was the second longest serving pope in history. He was one of the most influential leaders of the 20th centry. John improved the the Catholic Church's relations with Judaism, Islam, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Anglican Communion. He was praised for his orthodox Catholic stances. •
  • Jonestown Massacre

    Jonestown Massacre
    In the middle of the south American jungle almost 3 decades ago a series of eventes lead to 900 people dieing . All becuase Jim Jones in a mass murder-suicide, After jones gunman killed a US visting congressman, and four others. Pluse the church of 1,000 poeple that was getting realeased. Only 33 people survivied.
  • The Three Mile Island accident

    The Three Mile Island accident
    On march 28th there was a horriable accident that happened in the US. small amounts of radioactive gases and radioactive iodine were realeasted in the enviorment. with failures in the non-nuclear secondary system, followed by a stuck-open pilot-operated relief valve n the primary system, which allowed large amounts of nuclear reactor coolant to escape.
  • Iran Takes American Hostages in Tehran

    Iran Takes American Hostages in Tehran
    Militant Islamic students in Iran went to the US embassy and have taken more than 90 people and was holding them for hostage. The students wanted that the Shah of Iran, who fled the country in January, be extradited from the US.
  • The Greensboro Massacre

    The Greensboro Massacre
    Five protest marchers were killed by the KKK and the american nazi party. The protest was for Communist Workers Party to organize mostly black industrial workers in the area. • The marchers killed were: Sandi Smith,a nurse and civil rights activist; Dr. James Waller,a sident of a local textile workers union who ceased medical practice to organize workers; and many more . •