War Through the Eyes of Western Herald Reporters

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  • World War I

    World War I
    Western State Normal School reacts to WWI by offering war based classes. "It has been suggested that members of the faculty use their automobiles to transport groups of students to and from farms when needed." Credit: Western Herald archives
  • World War II

    World War II
    Western Michigan College of Education student Carrol Williams offers an opinion about WWII; "After this war, there will be over half a century of life available for most of us in a post-war world which will be disjointed economically and socially." Credit: Western Herald archives
  • World War II; Atomic Bombs Dropped

    World War II; Atomic Bombs Dropped
    Western Herald editor offers comments about the atomic bombs dropped in Japan during WWII. Credit; Western Herald archives.
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    A Western Michigan University student gives some thoughts on the Korean War after it was over. Credit; Western Herald archives.
  • Cold War; Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cold War; Cuban Missile Crisis
    Western Michigan University student Donald May recounts John F. Kennedy's thoughts about the Cuban Missile Crisis; "At one particularly tense moment, when two Soviet Cargo ships approached the U.S. Navy's 'quarantine' barrier, with a Soviet submarine running submerged beneath them." Credit: Western Herald archives
  • Horrors of the Vietnam War

    Horrors of the Vietnam War
    A Western student gives some details about the deaths and horrors of the Vietnam War; "The number of injuries has passed far beyond World War I and the Korean War. The average monthly death rate this year has been just under 1,000." Credit; Western Herald archives.
  • Cold War; the Berlin Wall Falls

    Cold War; the Berlin Wall Falls
    Front page story by Western student Carrie Rulli expresses the feelings of Western students after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Credit; Western Herald archives.
  • Operation Desert Storm Protests

    Operation Desert Storm Protests
    Western student Todd Crandell details war protests against Operation Desert Storm at Western: "Speakers stood in the center of the group next to a black barrel with a sign around it reading 'No blood for oil.'" Credit; Western Herald archives.
  • Act of War; 9/11

    Act of War; 9/11
    The events of 9/11/2001 make the front page of the Western Herald on the following day. Credit; Western Herald archive.
  • Iraq War Protests

    Iraq War Protests
    Western student Fritz Klug gave his account of protests at Western for the conflict in the Middle East; "Some 40 WMU students and community members marched from the flagpoles on WMU's campus toward the Federal Building downtown." Credit; Western Herald archives.