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  • 1961

    President Kennedy sends military advisors to train South Vietnamese troops
  • 1963

    More than 10,000 American Military advisors train and fight in South Vietnam
  • 1964

    Gulf of Tonkin Resolution passes; Number of U.S. troops doubles to more than 20,000
  • 1965

    President Johnson authorizes bombing of North Vietnam; more than 180,000 U.S. troops are in South Vietnam
  • 1965

    Most American soldiers in Vietnam had been drafted into military service
  • 1967

    The war had devolved into a stalemate
  • 1967

    Congress and eventually most of America divided into camps: Hawks and Doves
  • 1968

    There were more than half a million U.S. troops in Vietnam and the number of American dead rose to more than 30,000
  • Period: to


    American pilots dropped more than 6 million tons of bombs on enemy positions
  • Period: to


    Fulbright held public hearings on the war, providing a platform for critics of the conflict