Sebastian's Life Story

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  • Birth

    Sebastian Fitzgerald Robbins was born on September 7th 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland to his Irish-American mother. He is the only child his mother ever had, although, there may be a few half siblings of his alive today. His father left him before he was born and possibly had another child with an ex wife of his.
  • Moving to Florida

    Moving to Florida
    For Sebastian's first birthday, his mother gave him the present of a new lifestyle, by moving them from Baltimore, Maryland, to West Palm Beach, Florida. His grandmother would help raise him while they were there.
  • Preschool

    Sebastian begins his education in preschool, since he was diagnosed with having Asperger's syndrome and had to seek immediate help for his social disabilities and schooling to be immersed into a social group before it was too late to become a socially normal person.
  • Elementary School

    Elementary School
    Preschool helped Sebastian get ready for his primary education. He was enrolled into Timber Trace Elementary School when he was 5 years old and recieved extensive counseling in order to correct his social abnormalities every day throughout his elementary school years.
  • Stepfather

    Sebastian met his mother's fiance, who he refers to as his "stepfather", on the 4th of July in Jacksonville, Florida. He taught Sebastian about the visual arts and about digital media, since he himself was a Naval photographer who had 20 years experience in photography.
  • Meeting his Father

    Meeting his Father
    Sebastian begged his step-father to contact his biological. In the summer of 2009, Sebastian met his father, and Afghan immigrant living in Alexandria, Virginia, for the very first time, His father's family immediately started trying to teach Sebastian about his Middle Eastern roots and their culture.
  • Middle School

    Middle School
    Bak Middle School of the Arts was the middle school Sebastian auditioned for and got accepted in to when he was 11 years old for visual arts. On the first day of school, his stepfather said he was going on a trip with the Navy to photograph events on the aircraft carrier, and would be back for Christmas. Sebastian never saw him again
  • Cancun, Mexico

    Cancun, Mexico
    Cancun, Mexico was the first time Sebastian left the United States for a trip. He went with his mom's friend and her son. Mexico was a cultural shock to Sebastian since he was overwhelmed by their language and way of life.
  • Dad in Prison

    Dad in Prison
    Sebastian's father was jailed in early December, and didn't call Sebastian or his mother until Christmas day, and he was released mid-October. Since then, he was put in jail for the same reason during the winter of 2014.
  • Dreyfoos!

    Sebastian was accepted into Dreyfoos School of the Arts as a visual arts major. Sebastian started to find a voice in his artwork and began expanding on new ideas as an artist.
  • This Timeline

    This Timeline
    Sebastian Robbins is currenty presenting his life story to his 5th period World History class. They don't seem too interested, but at least Sebastian was able to get an A on his timeline presentation!
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