Se7en from brokencyde

  • The beginning

    The beginning
    The name of the band supposedly originated from the idea that their music was "broken inside" due to personal problems.brokeNCYDE was founded by singers Se7en and Mikl. members Phat J and Antz joined brokeNCYDE. In July 2008 brokencyde preformed freaxx on mtv. BrokenCYDE is a screamo/emo type music they follow emo and scene with many songs like scene girls, and emo kid.

    The group's first full-length release, I'm Not a Fan, But the Kids Like It, debuted at #86 on the Billboard 200 in July, 2009.
  • Haters make them famous

    Haters make them famous
    brokeNCYDE is generally panned on every occasion possible by critics and music fans alike. "Thrash Magazine" has called them "a mockery to the world of music".
  • Violent times

    After a brokeNCYDE concert on April 25, 2011, Cory Muro of the pop punk band Punchline expressed his dislike for the group's "music or the messages in it" to David Gallegos. Members of Brokencyde then attacked Muro requiring him to get three staples in his head, and breaking his friend Johnny Grushecky's nose