Scott Fitzgerald

By Leah M
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    Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in St Paul Minnesota.
  • Graduation

    Graduation from Princeton.
  • Joined the army

    Joined the army
    Was put on academic probation for ignoring is schoolwork.
  • Wrote his first Novel

    Shortly after he had joined the army he wrote his first novel titled, The Romantic Egotist.
  • Reassigned camps

    He was reassigned in Camp Sheridan around Montgomery Alabama.
  • Met Zelda Sayre

    Zelda Slayer was the youngest of the Supreme Court Judge of Alabama.
  • Discharged from army

  • Went to New York

    Went to New York for money and marry Zelda but she broke of the engagement because of his small salary.
  • Quit his job.

    Moved back to Minnesota to re write his novel as, This Side of Paradise.
  • Officially commenced his career as a writer of stories for the masses.

  • This Side of Paradise was published.

    This Side of Paradise was published.
  • Married Zelda Sayre.

    Married Zelda in New York.
  • Moved back to New York with his Wife.

    Moved back to New York with his Wife.
    He wrote his second novel, The beautiful and the Damned.
  • Moved to France

    Moved to France
    He wrote The Great Gatsby.
  • Fitzgerald died.

    He died from a heart attack.