Scorpions timeline

By mitch87
  • James Gets a Job

    After school james goes to the corner store to get a job to help pay for his brother's bond
  • James 2nd day of work

    James goes to the corner store to work for his second day he carries boxes for customers and on break he gets a call its Mack a gang member from the scorpions he wants to meet with James to disscus his brother and the gang
  • James meets Mack at the crack house

    James and Tito go to meet Mack at the crack house when they arrive Mack isnt there. They are told that Mack isnt there so they decide to wait outside there leaning against the car and a man comes out and yells at them to get off the car its Mack all 3 of them go to the park Mack tells James to that he has to take over the gang James dosent want to because hes the youngest Mack tells him that he will give him a gun and that there going to meet the next day
  • Park the next day

    Before school Tito and James go to meet Mack at the park Mack gives James a gun James and Tito leave James keeps it and they head to school in class Dwayne says hes going to fight James after class they go to the storage room James gets beat up by Dwayne and James pul the gun and scares him and then ran out Tito says that he will hide the gun at his house his house and james goes to work he get a call from angel he wants to fight james for the lead postion of the scorpions.
  • The fight

    James and Tito sneak out to meet Angel at the park at 11o clock they arrive at the park James tells Tito to wait on the outskirts James walks up to the swing set where Angel and Indian are Indian says that he wants to be leader of the gang James says that he can have he dosent care but indian and Angel jumped him and when he was getting beat up 2 shots whent off and Indian and angel fell Tito had shot them
  • Church

    Sunday morning James has to get up for church When walking out of his house Mack was sitting on the door step and he told James that he killed Angel and Indian and he ios now the most powerfull warlord.