Science Timeline

By MTroia
  • First Microscope Invention

    First Microscope Invention
    In 1590, the first ever microscope was invented by Zaccharias and Hans Jassen. These two dutch brothers / inventors definately made a huge contributiion to Science!
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  • First Discovery of Cells

    First Discovery of Cells
    In 1665, Robert Hooke used the microscope created by Zaccharias and Hans to examine a slice of cork. During his examination, he noticed small box like structures, and called them cells. Thus, this was the first discovery of cells.
  • Living Cells Are Observed for the First Time

    Living Cells Are Observed for the First Time
    In 1675, Antony Van Leeuwenhoek improved the microscope created by the Hans brothers. After improving the microscope, he was able to observe living cells for the first time.
  • Discovery of Bacteria

    Discovery of Bacteria
    In 1683, Antony Van Leeuwenhoek discovered bacteria while looking under a microscope.
  • Discovery Of The Nucleus

    Discovery Of The Nucleus
    In 1833, Robert Brown discovered the cell nucleus.
  • Discovery About Plant Cells

    Discovery About Plant Cells
    In 1838, Matthias Schleiden observed different plants, and concluded that all plants are made of cells. Because of this discovery, Matthias was definately a major contributer to a part of the cell theory.
  • Discovery of Animal Cells

    Discovery of Animal Cells
    In 1839, Theodor Schwann observed and concluded that animals are made of cells. Instead of making two different part of the cell theory, his discovery was combined with Matthias Schleiden's to create one major theory.
  • Virchow Adds To The Cell Theory

    Virchow Adds To The Cell Theory
    In 1858, Rudolf Virchow stated that cells come from pre- existing cells. This discovery was added to the Cell Theory. Rudolf was the last person to add to the cell theory. The concluded four main parts of the cell theory (including Rudolf's) are:
    1. All cells come from pre - exsisting cells
    2. The well being of an organism depends ont the well being of it's cells
    3. All living things are composed of cells
    4. Cells are the basic building blocks of life
  • Electron Microscope Was Developed

    Electron Microscope Was Developed
    In 1928, Ernst Ruska and Max Knoll created the first Electron Microscope with a maginification of 17x. These germans created a very important tool that has been modified over time, and is still being used today.