Germ and Cell Theory

By mjerry
  • Jan 1, 1348

    The Black Death

    A devastating plague with an enormous amount of deaths in Europe.
  • Jamestown Settlement

  • Cell Theory

    The cell theory was finalized in 1665 as " 1. All living things are composed of cells. 2.Cells are the basic units of structure of function. 3.All cells come from existing cells."
  • Robert Hooke

    After viewing cork under a microscope, decides on the word cell because of how the cells of the cork look like cells in a monastery.
  • Theodor Schwann

    Contributed to the Cell Theory
  • The London Plague

    People thought that the plague was spread through "dirty air" so they carried around posies of flowers to keep the air around them smelling sweet.
  • Francesco Redi

    Performed an experiment to invalidate or reject the spontaneous generation theory. He was the first scientist to use a control.
  • Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

    Made the first microscope and saw microorganisms that he called "animalcules". He did not know what they were or that they caused disease.
  • John Needham

    Decided that spontaneous generation must exist due to his experiment. In his experiment he put chicken broth in a sealed flask and waited untill he saw microorganisms grow.
  • Lazarro Spallazani

    His first biological research in 1767 proved that objects in pond water were living organisms from the air.
  • The start of the Industrial Revolution

  • Edward Jenner

    He uses the first vaccine with cowpox in it to become immune to smallpox. He called it vaccine from the latin word for cow, "vacca".
  • Theodor Ernst Von Siebold

    He believed that organisms made up of many cells (animals) were built out of single cell microbes.
  • Ignaz Semmelweis

    Insisted that doctors wash their hands in a chlorine and soap solution in between patients.
  • John Snow

    Identified th esource of a Cholera outbreak in London. He traced it back to a water pump, removed the handle and people stopped getting sick.
  • Matthias Schleiden

    Contributed to the Cell Theory
  • Rudolf Virchow

    Delclared that living cells can only arise from preexisting cells. "Omne vivum ex ovo."
  • Joseph Lister

    Lister used a chemical disinfectant to prevent surgical wound infections.He realizes that invisisble living things get into wounds to make people sick and die. He used carbolic acid to clean up wounds- the first antiseptic.Lister is considered to be the "Father of Antiseptic Surgery." Lister used a chemical disinfectant to prevent surgical wound infections after looking at Pasteur's work showing microorganisms are in the air, can spoil food, and cause animal diseases.
  • Louis Pasteur

    Demonstrated that microorganisms are present in the air. He also discovered that vaccine for cholera by accident but is the first to understand how vaccines work. He uses this information to create vaccines for anthrax and rabies. He also came up with a method of heating and sterilizing liquids and called it Pasteurization.
  • Robert Koch

    Koch discovers the TB bacterium by looking at the blood of animals with TB. He proved the link between bacteria and human disease.
  • Martinus Beijerinck

    He isolated and characterized the first virus.
  • William Steward Halsted

    The first surgeon to use rubber gloves during surgery. His practices prevent the pread of microbes in hospitals.
  • Florence Nightingale

    One of the first to recognize the value of cleanliness and reccomended it as a part of good nursing. Her effort improved sanitary practices in hospitals.
  • Start of WW1

  • End of WW1

  • Alexander Fleming

    Discovered the first antibiotic "Penicillin" from the fungus Penicillum. He cured Pneumonia, Scarlet Fever, Syphilis, Tetanus and Gangrene.
  • Start of WW2

  • End of WW2

  • Jonas Salk

    After learning what Edward Jenner did with cowpox Jonas decided to try and make a polio vaccine that was finally released in 1954.
  • First Case of SARS