Samuel Johnson Timeline

Timeline created by FrewJ01
  • Birth:

    8th February, 1978, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. This was also the year of the Afghan War.
  • Live Aid (world event):

    Live Aid was held at Wembley Stadium, where Queen, The Beach Boys, Elton John and many more performed. Raising more than $127 million for famine relief in Africa.
  • Connie:

    Samuel's sister Constance Johnson (Connie) was diagnosed with bone cancer. She was eleven years old when diagnosed.
  • 2000 Olympics (world event):

    The 2000 Olympics were held at Sydney, Australia. With 10,651 people participating in all different sports, some of which include of basketball, high jump, shot put and long jump.
  • The Secret Life Of Us:

    Samuel Johnson starred in, “The Secret Life Of Us” alongside Sibylla Budd, Deborah Mailman and Spencer McLaren.
  • Haiti earthquake (world event):

    Haiti earthquake. More than 230,000 people were killed. It was a magnitude 7. It is known as the fifth-deadliest natural disaster in history.
  • Auditioning Fanny:

    Samuel starred in, “Auditioning Fanny” alongside Karlis Zaid, Lulu McClatchy and Jay Bowen.
  • Samuels Unicycle Ride:

    Samuel Johnson rode a unicycle around Australia to raise money for cancer research. He also broke a world record for the longest distance travelled on a unicycle.
  • Samuel's Return:

    Samuel returned from his unicycle ride as a hero, nearly raising $1.5 million. From this, the Love Your Sister Foundation was born.
  • Molly:

    Samuel starred in, "Molly" alongside with Rebecca Breeds, Ben Geurens and Tom O'Sullivan.
  • Connie's Death and His Gold Logie Win:

    Samuel's sister Connie passed away. He also was awarded a Gold Logie and resigned as an actor.
  • Australian Of The Year Award

    Samuel receives an Australian Of The Year Award. This is also the year that Prince Harry and Megan Markle got married.
  • Dancing With The Stars:

    Samuel went on Dancing With The Stars Australia and went on to win it with his partner Jorja Rae Freeman and raised $50 000 towards his charity, Love Your Sister Foundation.