Samir Kasliwala

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    Technological Advances in Samir's Lifetime

    Technological Advances in my lifetime.
  • First phonecall

    At four years old I was climbing on the chair to pick up incoming phonecalls on the house landline.
  • First Time Using the Internet

    At five years old I started using the internet to play games.
  • First time using the VCR by myself

    At seven years old I had learned how to play movies on the VCR all by myself.
  • First time using the calculator

    Math in school started becoming more advanced and I was introduced to the calculator, it made everything much easier.
  • First cell phone

    In middle school I received my first cell phone, it was a prepaid verizon phone.
  • Second cell phone

    My second cell phone was more advanced than the first one I had, it was a motorola flip phone, I thought it was the coolest thing.
  • First playstation 2

    I got my first advanced video game console and did not want to stop playing for days, my favorite game was Grand Turismo.
  • First iPod

    I was sixteen when I got my first ipod, it was a lot better than having a cd player.
  • First laptop

    I got my first laptop for school, it was an HP.
  • Third cell phone

    My third cell phone was a smart phone, I was so happy to be able to go on the internet and use whatever apps I wanted when I wanted.
  • My first tablet

    I got my first tablet, it was a samsung galaxy tab.
  • First LED tv

    Samsung LED tv