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Sam Belanger

  • Sam C. Phillips

    Sam C. Phillips
    Sam C. Phillips was from Florence, Alabama. He had ambitions to be a lawyer, but had to drop out of high school to support his aunt and widowed mother. He became a disc jockey in 1942 at WLAY in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. After a series of jobs on other radio stations. He was also promoting events at the Hotel Peabody in Memphis, By 1950 Sam had enough money to start a company to record local events and do custom recording.
  • First Recording at Sun Records

    First Recording at Sun Records
    Sam Phillips developed contacts with Saul and Jules Bihari who owned Modern Records in Los Angeles and Sam's first recording was of Phineas Newborn, a jazz pianist, for them in June 1950.
    Sun Records goes on to record many other Famous Musicians.
  • Elvis Presley's First Hit

    Elvis Presley's First Hit
    His first hit record was That's All Right. His first hit song was "hearbreak hotel"
  • Sgt. Pepper

    Sgt. Pepper
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  • Napster Free Downloading

    Napster Free Downloading
    Napster was founded by university student Shawn Fanning during his time at Boston Northeastern University. He developed a piece of software that searched for local MP3 files and reported the results to a central server connected to the internet. Following the positive reaction to his software, in May 1999 Fanning quit university to set up Napster Incorporated, with the support of Sean Parker and John Ritter. Despite its evident popularity with consumers, the issue of file sharing placed Napster