Salesian timeline

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In History
  • Aug 21, 1567

    St Francis De Sales Birthday

    The birth of our patron saint st Francis de sales
  • Jan 23, 1572

    Saint Jane De Chantal’s birthday

  • Jane and Francis meet for the first time

  • Saint Jane joined the Visitation

    At the age of 27 saint Jane joined the visitation community in prayer-le-Monial
  • Margaret Mary’s sacred heart vision

    She had a vision of Jesus showing her his sacred heart
  • Margret Mary aleqque birth

  • Saint Jane canonized

  • Mary de Sales

    Born June 16, 1793
  • Saint John bosco feast day

  • Leonie Aviat

    CO2 founder of the oblate sisters of St Francis de Sales.
  • Mary de sales death

  • Saint Leonie feast day

  • Margaret Mary canonized

  • Margaret Mary feast day

  • Saint John Bosco canonized