Safety in sports

Timeline created by Dijuan McCullom
  • Managing Concussion

    In 2011 Derek Sheely died after suffering a brain injury during preseason practice
  • Ejection for targeting

    Beginning in 2013 , ejection from the game is part of the penalty for violation of targeting. Targeting is a hit on a defenseless player or contact with the crown of the helmet.
  • Changes in number of players receiving fines

    The NFL provided data that showed 25 players were fined for hits on defenseless players in 2013. 40 were fined for the same penatly in 2012.
  • Key indicators of a foul

    Launch- a player leaving his feet to attack an opponent. Leading with helment, forearm,fist, hand or elbow to attackt withcontact at the head area. Also a risk of a foul would be lowering the head before attacking by iniating contact with the crown of the helmet.
  • Concussion safety

    Concussion safety
    NCAA releases guidelines for concussion safety - inclusing limiting live contact football racticies to 2 per week during the season.
  • Hints For players on how to tackle

    Do not lead with your head.
    Lower your target -don't go for head or neck area
    Tackle: Heads up and wrap up
  • Fined 55,000

    NFL football player Clark was fined 55,000 for talcking to low causing a season-ending injury. Since then the NFL players suggested the creation of a hit zone for defenders from mid-thigh to upper shoulders.
  • NCAA guigelines

    The NCAA, faces multiple concussion lawsuits. So the guidelines address contact at football practice, independent medical care for all althletes, and best practices to diagnose and manage concussions