Safety Features in Vehicles

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    Safety Technology of Vehicles

  • Seatbelt

    The seat belt is used to hold the passenger and driver while car is moving. The seat belt saves lives when people crash and collide one another. It is still used in cars and some transport e.g. Buses, ferries etc.
  • Anti-lock Braking System

    Anti-lock Braking System
    The anti-lock breaking system was designed for aircrafts in 1929. The main purpose for it is to avoid skidding and allows the car to keep going.
  • Air bags

    Air bags
    Airbags rapidly shoots out of the steering wheel when the sensor is alerted the nitrogen come into the airbags which causes it to inflate.
  • Crumple Zones

    Crumple Zones
    They are in the font part of the car and the function for it absorb the impact when two cars collide. It protects the passengers and the driver.
  • Traction Control

    Traction Control
    It helps the have more grip to the road and it helps prevent the wheels from losing control