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Saddam Hussein: The Revolutionist

  • Hussein moved to Baghdad

    In 1955, Hussein moved to Baghdad with his uncle
  • Joining of the Arab Baath Socialist Party

    Hussein joins this socialist party.
  • Baath forces overthrow the King

    In 1958, Major Gneral Abdul Karim Qassem led Baath members in the successful movement of overthrowing King Faisal II.
  • Hussein returns to Iraq

    He returns to Iraq after the death of Qassem.
  • Declared president

    Hussein declared himself president of Iraq in July of 1979.
  • Iran and Iraq at war until 1988

  • Iran and Iraq sease war.

  • U.S. senators visit Hussein

    In April of 1990, five U.S. senators visit Hussein in Mosul to talk about expansion of trade.
  • Hussein invades Kuwait

    In August of 1990, Hussein invades and took possession of Kuwait in violation of international law.
  • U.S. invades Iraq

    In January of 1991, U.S. led forces invaded Iraq, and this became known as Persian Gulf War.
  • Hussein accepts UN offers

    He accepts UN offers of decreased oil sales, the proceeds would be funneed through the UN for humanitarian aid to Iraq citizens.
  • Hussein objects composition of UN weapons

    During second half of 1997 and 1998, Hussein objected to the composition of UN weapons inspection teams, saying hat too many Americans and British were present.
  • UN takes inspection team out of Iraq

    The UN orders that the weapons inspection team be taken out of Iraq.
  • World Trade Center

    On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked on Hussein commands. Triggered U.S. president George Bush's war on terrorism.
  • U.S. invasion of Iraq

    U.S. forces started an invasion of Iraq, and crushed Hussein's reign by April.
  • Hussein captured

    Hussein was captured by U.S. forces during a night raid near Tikrit.
  • Hussein brought before an Iraqi judge

    He was brought before a judge for arraignment on a number of charges stemming from his many years as a repressive dictator and starter of regional wars.
  • Hussein charged for massacre

    He was charged for the massacre in Dujail, Iraq in 1982, killing 148 Muslims.
  • Hussein charged with genocide

    A second trial at the same time began on charges of genocide.
  • Hussein is executed

    Hussein is executed by hanging in Baghdad.