S.s timeline

By Godelsa
  • Proclamation of 1763

    King George the 3rd declared the Appalachian mountains were temporary western boundry for the colonies. Investors were ferious that Britain ignored their claims.
  • British Trade law

    George Grancille become prime minister of Britian.
    Tried to stop smuggaling.
    He convinved Parlaminet to pass the law to stop smuggaling.
  • Sugar Act

    A attempet to stop smuggaling. It angered colonist. Also put added tax on smuggalers.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp act placed taxes on all items printed.
    It passed without going through the colonied legislative.
  • Stamp Act protessting

    A Virginia House of Burgesses member persuaded the House of Burgasses to take action aganist the stamp act.
  • Stamp act repealed

    Parliament gave in o the colonists' demands and repealed the stamp act. While Colonist celebrated the Parlament passed the law to tax just about everything
  • A crisis Over tea

    THe Tea act gave the company the right to ship tea to the colonies to without taxes.
  • The Boston Massacre

    Fights broke out between people and soliders. The people of the Boston took an item they could use as a weapon and attacked the soilders. The soliders fiought the villigers and it was called the Boston Massacre
  • The Botston Tea Party

    WHen the govonor told the ship to unload the tea and the Boston sons dressed like mohawked indains armed with Hatchets. threw chest of tes in the sea.
  • Battle of Lexing and Concord.

    70 minutemen were alerted by Rever and Derwes had muskets at hand. They Waited for the British. One shoot was fired and both sides extchanged bullets.