Russian Alaska Exploration TL

Timeline created by PrincessZiona
In History
  • Europeans discover Alaska

    Europeans discover Alaska
    Bering sights Mt. St. Elias on Alaska mainland and goes ashore

    Concentrated hunting of Sea Otters begins and Russian traders establish trading posts in Southcentral Alaska
  • Alaska Natives shoo "invaders"

    Alaska Natives shoo "invaders"
    Aleuts try to repel Russian intruders in Unalaska, Umnak, and Unimak.
  • Retaliation

    Russia responds by destroying the villages of Unalaska and Umnak
  • First Transaltion of the Bible into Unangan language

    Ivan Pan'kov, Aleut chief of Tigalda Island, first to write Aleut language and with Father John Veniaminov to translate parts of the Bible into Unangan language.
  • First school in Alaska

    Established by the Russians at Three Saints Bay-Kodiak Island
  • Czar Paul claims Alaska as Russian possession

    Czar Paul claims Alaska as Russian possession
    Baranov named first Russian Govenor of Alaska which was claimed as Russian possession by Czar Paul
  • Tlingit Indians massacre

    Tlingit Indians massacre
    Tlingit Idians massacre 20 Russians and 130 Aleut workers at Old Sitka
  • The Dena'ina Population dies off

    Dena'ina Population is decimated by smallpox
  • US buys Alaska from Russia

    US buys Alaska from Russia
    The "sale" of Alaska by Russia to the United States, which rightfully belonged to neither countries for $7.2 million and would go on to be known as Seward's Folley