Rulers of Rome

By LaShae'
  • Tiberius

    He was ruler from 14 AD to 37 AD also was the step son of Augustus
  • Caligula

    At frist he was a very nice ruler but that changed. after the Judes refused to honour him he started hunting and killing them. In the end he was an angry ruler.
  • Claudius

    Claudius wasn't taken serious at first because he was such a little man and he stuttered, but later this changed because he restored the choas that Caligula left behind.
  • Augustus Ceasar

    Augustus Ceasar
    since Ceasar had no sons he named his great nephew the heir to the rule.
  • Julius Ceasar

    Julius Ceasar
    He was appointed dictator for life on Febuary 14th in 47 BC
  • Nero

    He was 16 when he took control of the Roman Empire. He was a harsh ruler he burnt Rome down, kicked his pregnant wife to death, and had his own mother murdered. When he commited suicied the people of Rome were happy he was gone.