• Haka Dance

    Haka Dance
    Ngati Toa tribe
    According to legend, the famous New Zealand dance called the 'haka' dates to about 1810 when chief Te Rauparaha of the Ngati Toa tribe was being chased on New Zealand's north island by his enemies.
  • William Ellis

    William Ellis
    William Webb Ellis runs with the ball in his hands. By this time he is a monitor at the school.
  • Thomas Hughes

    Thomas Hughes
    Thomas Hughes wrote "Tom Brown's School Days" which includes a detailed description of the game of football as played at Rugby School.
  • First Rugby Uniform

    First Rugby Uniform
    At Rugby School, the 1839 School House team was the first side to adopt a uniform. All their players wore red velvet caps during a match that Princess Adelaide daughter of the duke of Saxe-Meiningen (wife of the future King William IV), is thought to have watched.
  • Rugby Rules

    Rugby Rules
    The first rules of Rugby football
  • Rugby Football

    Rugby Football
    Rugby School Football, oval shaped ball was inflated by a pig's bladder and made by William Gilbert was to show at the International Exhibition in London.
  • 25!

    25 yard line established
  • First Symphany

    First Symphany
    Britain's first permanent symphony orchestra is founded 1858
  • Rugby School

    Rugby School
    Football at Rugby School circa
  • First Recorded Game

    First Recorded Game
    The first recorded football match in South Africa
  • Australia

    Sydney University was the first Australian club formed
  • Canadian Rugby

    Canadian Rugby
    The first Canadian game of rugby took place in 1865 in Montreal between English regiment officers and civilians
  • First Club

    First Club
    The first rugby club formed in France by British residents, Le Havre. It was founded in Germany.
  • First Fifteen Player Game

     First Fifteen Player Game
    The first fifteen a side international match between Ireland and England on February 5th at the Oval. England wins by 2 goals and 2 tries to 0. England then played Scotland on March 5th at Raeburn place. RAeburn is a stadium.
  • RFU

    Canadian RFU founded.
  • first sevens tournament

    first sevens tournament
    28th April, 1883 the first sevens tournament held at Melrose Football Club
  • Fiji Rugby

    Fiji Rugby
    Rugby was first played in Fiji by Europeans.
  • Rugby Whistle

    Rugby Whistle
    Referees were allowed to use a whistle! Umpires were given sticks?
  • British Columbia

    British Columbia
    British Columbia Rugby Union and South African Rugby Football Board formed
  • New Zealand

    New Zealand
    The New Zealand Rugby Football Union was formed
  • The Win

    The Win
    Australia beat England 9 - 3 at Blackheath, London on January 9th.
  • First World War

    First World War
    This uncapped match during the First World War was staged to raise funds for military charities and to boost recruitment to the Welsh Guards. England won 26-10.
  • Join the Military

    Join the Military
    Circular sent by RFU to all clubs for all players to join some military force
  • # Jerseys

    # Jerseys
    The International Rugby Board introduced numbering on jerseys.
  • Rugby League

    Rugby League
    The Northern Rugby Football Union (NRFU) became the Rugby Football League.
  • The invisibles

    The invisibles
    The 1924-25 New Zealand team gained the nickname "The Invincible's", after winning all 32 matches on tour.
  • Rugby Union

    Rugby Union
    The original Rugby Union of Canada was founded in September, 1929, and lasted until the outbreak of the War in 1939
  • Germany!!

    In Germany's last game before WWII, the Germans beat Italy 12 to 3 in Milan, confirming their status in the top six in Europe.
  • All Blacks

    All Blacks
    October 31st, The Fourth All Blacks began their tour with a convincing 24-0 win against the Southern Counties at Hove Greyhound Stadium
  • Erica Rowe

    Erica Rowe
    Erica Rowe famously bares her 40" chest during England vs. Australia at Twickenham in January 1982