Rubik's Cube

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  • First Rubik's Cube

    First Rubik's Cube
    Erno Rubik, of Budapest, Hungary, invented the cube. He was an architect, designer and professor. The prototype of the cube is seen here.
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    Rubik's Cube timeline

  • Magic Cube patented

    Magic Cube patented
    In 1975, Rubik patented the cube and the Hungarian toy company Politechnika began manufacturing it.
  • First Magic Cube sold

    First Magic Cube sold
    In 1975, the first cube was sold in a Budapest toy shop. It was an immediate hit in Hungary.
  • Rubik's Cube exported

    Rubik's Cube exported
    In 1980, the Ideal Toy Company began exporting the Magic Cube, renamed the Rubik's Cube.
  • You Can Do The Cube book

    You Can Do The Cube book
    Patrick Bossert, a 12-year-old boy from England, produced a book called "You Can Do The Cube." The book sells about 1.5 million copies.
  • International Rubik’s Championships

    International Rubik’s Championships
    The first annual International Rubik’s Championships are held in Budapest. More than 100 million cubes have now been sold and Rubik’s enters the Oxford English Dictionary. Erno Rubik is pictured here with the cube.
  • 15th anniversary

    15th anniversary
    Diamond Cutters International creates the ‘Masterpiece Cube.’ Iti is a fully-functional, 185 carat Cube made of solid gold and encrusted with colored jewels.
  • 25th Anniversary

    25th Anniversary
    SourceThe cube celebrates its 25th anniversary on July 26th. A limited-edition cube is produced to mark the occasion.