Roy rene 2

Roy Rene

  • Roy Rene's Birth

    Rene was born in Adelaide, South Australia
  • Won his first entertainment competition

    Aged 10, Rene won a singing competition at an Adelaide market.
  • First professional performance

    Appeared professionally in the pantomime, Sinbad the Sailer, at the Theatre Royale.
  • Adopted the name 'Roy Rene'

    Rene named himself after a famous French clown at Brennen's National Amphitheatre in Sydney.
  • First overseas tour

    Sir Benjamin Fuller noticed Rene and engaged him to tour New Zealand.
  • 'Stiffy and Mo'

    Rene (Mo) teamed up with comedian Nat Philips (Stiffy) and the two became the famous 'Stiffy and Mo'.
  • First marriage

    Rene married actress Dorothy Claire Davis
  • Divorced Dorothy Davis

    Rene divorced Dorothy Davis after 12 years of marriage.
  • Remarried

    Rene married Sadie Gale, who was part of his travelling entertainer's company.
  • Fell ill with peritonitis

    Rene fell ill with peritonitis and nearly died from it.
  • Rene returned to the stage

    Rene returned to the stage in mid-1930 after recovering from peritonitis.
  • Started a career in radio

    Rene signed a contract with Colgate-Palmolive Pty Ltd.
  • Brief return to the stage

    Rene returned to the stage for a few performances during his radio career.
  • Retired

    Rene retired once his radio contract expired as he was plagued by ill health.
  • Death

    Rene died in Sydney, New South Wales and was survived by his wife, son and daughter.