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    Rooster Teeth


    the creation of by:Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey ("Geoff Fink"), Gustavo Sorola, Dan Godwin, and Jason Saldaña
  • Red Vs. Blue

    the first trailer of Red Vs. Blue, on the Xbox, in which Burnie Burns posted gameplay videos that had added voice overs
  • 20 000 Downloads!

    by this time Red Vs. Blus, comonley know as RVB was getting 20'000 downloads a day!!
  • E3: the creation of Strangerhood

    at the E3 gaming convention Rooster Teeth was introduced to The Sims 2. They realized that the game would be suitable for a series that parodied reality television. The result was The Strangerhood, a comedy series that centers on eight strangers who awake one day unaware of where they are or how they arrived there
  • EA & RTX

    Electronic Arts commissioned Rooster Teeth to play EA Sports branded games, such as; Madden NFL 2007 and NCAA Football 2007
  • RVB! END?

    the 100th episode, know as the finale of season 5 was annouced

    Rooster Teeth announce the continuation of RVB and even make a small mini-series promoting Halo 3, Halo: Reach and Halo 4
  • Griffball

    Rooster Teeth created a Halo 3 multiplayer game-type called Grifball.
  • Achiement hunter

    its a gaming website created by Geoff Ramsey and Jack Pattillo. it hosts additional YouTube videos on the channels Game Fails, Let's Play, and Achievement Hunter Community. it regularly release achievement guides, easter egg videos and other game-related videos
  • Rooster Teeth Podcast

    released their first audio podcast, The Drunk Tank. at one point becoming the #1 most downloaded podcast on iTunes. New episodes have been released regularly every Wednesday. The Drunk Tank was to be re-christened The Rooster Teeth Podcast.
  • Live-Action

    Rooster Teeth first ventures into the machinema form of live action
  • Monty Oum? who's that?

    Monty Oum is hired by RT and makes season 8 of RVB the first season to have extensive use of animation and special fight scenes
  • Bungie Day!!

    RT create a special day celebreating all that Bungie, the creators of Halo, have accomplished
  • Slo-Mo Guys

    the Slo-Mo Guys become official. many different things filmed in extreme slow motion. this stars Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy
  • 100th Podcast

    celebrate their 100th episode! this was the first ever video podcast which featured Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Burnie Burns, and Griffon Ramsey. Eventually gaining a sponsor with main staff members of the podcast include Sorola, Burns, and Ramsey (with heavy recurring roles from Joel Heyman, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo, Barbara Dunkelman, and Griffon Ramsey
  • Red Vs. Blue season 9 trailer

    Season 9 began a new series called Project Freelancer, and continues the adventures of the Blood Gulch crew along with agents from Project Freelancer
  • RTX becoming a community

    RTX held their first official community event in Austin, Texas.
    initialy it was meant to be 200 people, but accendently 500 we sold within a few minuites.
  • RTX at the ACC

    this time it took place at the Austin Convention Center, with a highlight feature of the first publicly playable demo of Halo 4.
  • The Gauntlet

    a partnership between Rooster Teeth and Blip was announced. reality game competition series sponsored by GEICO.
  • A Simple Walk Into Mordor

    created to celebrate the release of The Hobbit.

    Rooster Teeth's YouTube page has 5,988,868 subscribers and 2,352,542,930 video views, excluding the views from the Game Fails (which has 461,677 subscribers and 135,903,039 views) and Let's Play (which has 1,659,436 subscribers and 108,429,969 views)