Ronald Regan

  • Birth

    Ronald Willson Regan was born at Tampico, Illinois
  • Period: to

    Ronald Regans Life

    40th President
  • Movie Star

    Movie Star
    Ronald was seen in 53 movies since he was accepted into the movie buiness
  • Married Jane Wyman

    Married Jane Wyman
    Ronald married an actress name Jane Wyman
  • Ran for U.S. Senator

    Ran for U.S. Senator
    Regan ran for a seat in the Senators region
  • republican Council

    republican Council
    Reagan forces tried a series of parliamentary moves such as a vote to release all pledged delegates
  • Regan has done it!

    Regan has done it!
    Ronald Reagan led the fight against ratification, an effort that ultimately revitalized his political career and landed him in the White House
  • Regan was givin a chance

    Regan was givin a chance
    Reagan took office
  • An Atempt

    An Atempt
    There was an assination atemot to kill president Regan but he missed his heart and hit him in the shoulder and he survived
  • R.I.P

    The retired president faded from public view after the announcement and lived until 2004, when the family announced his passing.