Roman Timeline

  • Emporer Nerva

    Emporer Nerva
    September 96 CE
    Nerva was appointed by Domitans assasins.
  • Immediate Changes and Oath

    96 CE
    Once taking his oath he renamed the palace of Domitian to the House of the People. An important change he made was that he took an oath before the senate that he would hold back from executing the members. He released the people who were imprisoned by Domitian and cancelled exiles for those who were not guilty of serious crimes.Even though he included this, he still allowed executions if necessary.
  • 97 CE Economic Changes

    Early 97 CE
    Nerva changed the economic by hiring 5 senators to keep track of the budget of Rome. To get ruid of costs he got rid of sacrafices, races, and games. To save money, he refused to have a golden statue made for him. Instead, he gave more money to the poor and created taxes that excluded the poor which went to the needy chuildren.
  • 98 CE the Forum of Nerva and other projects

    Nerva deticated an forum that Domitian built that connected the Forum of Augustus with the Forum of Peace. People called it the Forum of Nerva. He also fixed the Collesseum when the Tiber flooded it, building roads, and repairs.
  • Nerva Dies

    January 1, 98 CE
    Nerva had a stroke when in an udience with a select few. Three weeks later he died in his home. Trajan decided to put his ashes in the moseleum of Augusts.
  • Trajan becomes Ruler

    Trajan becomes Ruler
    After Nerva had passed on Trajan became his succesor. He became the ruler on January 27, 98 CE.
  • Making Connections

    In 100 CE, Trajan returned to Rome after a brief absence to establish a healthy and good relationship with the senate. His respect and kindness towards them led him to be called Optimus which he was reffered to greatly.
  • Dunbae's Raids Effects on Rome

    After the raids were over in 106 CE, Rome was bigger and better, as they had won. Since Trajan had been a part of the war, a forum was made for him that was 100 feet high in Roman measures. It is said that it was one of the greatest propaganda of that time period.
  • The Parthian War

    During the years 113-117 CE Trajan attacked Parthia in hopes of destroying their potential at rivaling Rome's power. In 114 CE he finally attacked them and the war went on for three years. Because of this, Rome's empire expanded immensly. However there were many revolts from the captured places.
  • Trajan dies 117CE

    In the mid 117CE, Trajan became ill and left Hadrian in charge. He died on August 9 117 CE.
  • Hadrian becomes ruler

    Hadrian becomes ruler
    In 117 CE he became the ruler after Trajan died since he was his successor. One of the first things he did was give back Trajan's eastern conquests. He did not wish to expand his empire. He was more focused on his own empire. He was more into the arts and culture. His relationship with the senators was not a good one. They did not like him, and that relationship never improved untill his death.
  • The dies natalis of the city of Rome

    April 21 121 CE
    Hadrian created an temple that was so unique and taller than any other Roman building ever made. It was as more than 100 meters making it the only one on a list of Greek buildings that were just as long.
  • Hadrian's Wall

    Hadrian's Wall
    122-128 AD
    Hadrian built a wall that was meant for an protective shield/ barrier in Northern England. According to,"Hadrian's Wall' is undoubtedly the most impressive surviving frontier of the empire, running for 80 Roman miles from the inlet of the sea known as the Solway Firth in the west of England to the mouth of the river Tyne in the east."
  • Hadrian Dies

    July 10 138 CE
    Hadrian died as an old man
  • Antoninus Pius

    Antoninus Pius
    138 CE
    Antoninus Pius becomes ruler after Hadrian's death. He was known for having a peaceful reign. He gained the name Pius for not executing those who were arranged to do so, during Hadrian's rule.
  • Overview of Rule

    138-161 CE
    Pius did not overspend on his money and kept things pretty simple. He gave money advice to his subjects, and because of this the Roman empire did indeed prosper. Also, they felt he looked after them as if they were his own people so there was a definite trust and love for Pius. He died in March 161 CE having improved Rome.
  • Marcus Aurelius becomes ruler

    Marcus Aurelius becomes ruler
    161 CE
    He took over rule after Pius died. Once Pius had died, the peaceful Rome was taken away and was replaced with the Parthian War on its tracks.
  • The Parthian War

    161-166 CE
    Rome and Parthia participated in a war that lasted for years because of conflicts between the two provinces. Though Rome won the war, a terrible plauge came to Rome causing illnesses all over the place.
  • The German Wars

    169-180 CE
    There was a raid in Italy, and Marcus decided that it was time for the enemy to be driven out of Italy, so he sent in soldiers there to end the war. This war was economically challenging for the citizens of Rome, and peace was something they wished for greatly. The citizens of Rome had lived in a war driven country for several years before a peace agreement could be determined.
  • Marcus Aurelius dies

    Early 180 CE
    When fighting in the North, he had gotten a unknown disease and got sick. He then died from this mystery illness.