Rock 'n' Roll

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    Rock 'n' Roll

  • RCA Victor

    RCA Victor
    RCA Victor introduces the 45 RPM Record which is easier to produce, and smaller and cheaper than the delicate 78's. This makes it more practical for younger audiences who will soon become music's primary customer. RCA Victor also offered a small inexpensive record player for $12.95 to play the new size and speed.
  • "The Fat Man" by Fats Domino is released.

    "The Fat Man" by Fats Domino is released.
    Fats Domino's first record "The Fat Man" gives listeners the first full -fledged rock sound.
  • 45 rpm Jukebox

    45 rpm Jukebox
    The first jukebox that plays 45 RPM records is introduced. These new jukeboxes will allow for new Rock 'n' Roll records to be exposed to the public at a faster rate.
  • First Rock 'n' Roll Concert

    First Rock 'n' Roll Concert
    DJ Alan Freed puts on the first ever rock 'n' roll show - "The Moondog Coronation Ball" in Cleveland starring The Dominoes, Veretta Dillard, Tiny Grimes & His Rockin' Highlanders featuring Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams. The crowds break down the doors, storming the arena where a full scale riot breaks loose bringing the newly coined "rock 'n' roll" music its first widespread headlines and criticism.
  • Sam Phillips starts Sun Records

    Sam Phillips starts Sun Records
    Sam Phillips starts his own label, Sun Records in Memphis, recording mostly blues musicians in its first two years in business.
  • Elvis Presley is discovered

    Elvis Presley is discovered
    Eighteen-year-old Elvis Presley walks into Sun Records Studio to record two songs for his mother as a birthday gift. The label's office manager is impressed by his vocals.
  • Elvis Presley's first record releases.

    Elvis Presley's first record releases.
    In Memphis, Elvis Presley records his first commercial record "That's All Right, Mama" July 5th at Sun Studios. It is released on July 19th along with 'Blue Moon Kentucky.'
  • Elvis Presley RCA contract

    Elvis Presley RCA contract
    In November Elvis Presley's contract is bought by RCA for an unheard of price of $35,000.
  • Elvis on Ed Sullivan Show

    Elvis on Ed Sullivan Show
    Elvis performs "Hound Dog" on the Ed Sullivan show and creates a national stir with his suggestive hip movements.
  • The Stroll

    The Stroll
    The stroll, a new dance craze, becomes the first dance associated with Rock 'n' Roll.
  • Boston bans 'Rock Shows'

    After one of Alan Freed's Rock 'n' Roll shows, riots followed. Action was taken and all Rock 'n' Roll music shows were banned in public auditoriums.