Rock and Roll histroy

By Run DMc
  • when ruth brown was born

    Ruth brown was named the Queen soul of rock and roll
  • When Little richard born

    Little richard was a big part of rock and roll.
  • When Elvis presley was born

    Elvis presley was the king of rock and roll he was a big part of rock and roll.
  • When Buddy holly was born

    Buddy holly was a key to rock and roll and died saddily.
  • When Ray charles was born

    Ray charles was a really good musicain and was blind and played the piano.
  • When Alice cooper was born

    Alice Cooper was a cool singer one of them was schools out.
  • When buddy holly died

    Buddy Holly died in a plane crsh he was a great musicain
  • When beatles came to Canada

    Beatles was a really cool band and started thebritish invasion.
  • When Elvis presley died

    When Elvis presley died lots were devistated.
  • When Mtv started

    Mtv was a big show but didn't show inapropiate vids.