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Road to Revolution

By AmyahV
  • sugar act

    sugar act
    indirect tax ( out of sight = out of mind)
    - duties on molasses and sugar
  • repealing stamp act

    repealing stamp act
    Refusal to buy stamper paper goods stamp act congress
  • stamp act

    stamp act
    Purchased only with value silvers coins
    if didn't purchased = fined or jailed
    protestant stamp act, feeling rights were violated
    direct tax
  • declatratory act

    declatratory  act
    parliament declares it has power to make laws for the colonies " in all cases whatsoever
    parliament passes to save face
  • townshend acts

    townshend acts
    taxes on glass lead paints paper and tea searched for smuggled goods
    sons of liberty start to do violet acts
    British soldiers arrive to product law collectors
  • boston massacare

    boston massacare
    Committees of correspondence
    formed by manual Adams at the stamp act congress
    shared ideas + info about the new brutish laws
    -propaganda - info to internationally spread harm to help cause ( reverse the bloody massacre perpetrated in kind st. Boston