road to revolution

  • French and Indian war

    French and Indian war
    France and Brittan were fighting for the Ohio river valley which started the passing of the acts.
  • proclamation

    The colonist weren’t happy because the proclamation restricted them from moving west of the Appalachian mountains.
  • the sugar act

    the sugar act
    the colonist didn’t like it because it was limiting all kinds of sugar products.
  • the stamp act

    the stamp act
    the colonist didn’t like this act because all the colonies would have to purchase stamps for all of official paper work.
  • the Boston massacre

    the Boston massacre
    the colonist were scared because Brittan started fighting against them.
  • the tea act

    the tea act
    they didn’t agree with the tea act because the colonist were only allowed to buy tea from British-owned east India trading company.
  • the intolerable act

    the intolerable act
    the colonist were unhappy because they had closed the Boston harbors and with the Boston harbors closed they couldn’t get and goods in or out
  • the Lexington and concord

    the Lexington and concord
    the colonist were tired of Brittan enforcing new acts so they started to contemplate battling Brittan.
  • the olive branch petition

    the olive branch petition
    the colonist were mad at the king because he ignored their peace making them mad