Rise of electronic music

  • Telharmonium

    This machine used an electrical current and was able to be played as a keyboard. It was one of the first electronic instruments.
  • Period: to

    Rise of electronic music

    The time period of electronic music
  • Theremin

    The theremin was created around 1920 and it was played by moving your hands along the instrument to change the volume and pitch. Produced by Leon Theremin. Was used in science fiction films.
  • Ondes Martenot

    Ondes Martenot
    This instrument was one of the early electronic instruments and it was was a cross between an organ and a theremin.
  • Audio tape recorder

    Audio tape recorder
    The first practical tape recorder was made in 1935.
  • Hammond Organ

    Hammond Organ
    This organ was created by Laurens Hammond and John M. Hanert.
  • Les Paul

    Les Paul
    IN 1941, Les Paul created the first solid-body guitar.
  • Music Concrete

    Music Concrete
    Music Concrete evolved with the use of the tape recorder. Over time, tapes could be cut in different ways and put together as well as sampling natural sounds.
  • Illiac Suite for String Quartet

    Illiac Suite for String Quartet
    The first ever some strictly composed by a computer.
  • The First Synthesizer

    The First Synthesizer
    The first synthesizer was created by RCA and was called the Mark II. It was very large and not portable.
  • Moog Synthesizer

    Moog Synthesizer
    This synth was created by Robert Moog and it allowed for a more simple and easier way to play.
  • MIDI

    Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
  • Yamaha DX-7 Synthesizer

    Yamaha DX-7 Synthesizer
    This synth was more compact than the others and one of the first widely produced and successful synths. It is one of the best selling synths in history.
  • Turntablism

    Turntablists manipulate records on a turntable by using techniques such as scratching, touching or moving the record in a certain way.
  • MP3 Player

    MP3 Player
    The first flash player that could hold 6-12 songs on it.
  • Laptop Orchestras

    Laptop Orchestras
    The first laptop orchestra was founded by Dan Trueman and Perry Cook at Princeton University.