Rick riordan

Rick Riordan

By JS21293
  • Rick Riordan Born

    Rick Riordan Born
    Rick was born on june 5th 1964 wikepedia
  • Rick's diploma

    Rick's diploma
    Rick gained this diploma when he gratuated college in 1984. Google images
  • Rick's first book

    Rick's first book
    This is rick's first and first published book. Google images
  • rick's first movie

    rick's first movie
    This is rick's first movie he made. Google images
  • rick's kid

    rick's kid
    This is Rick's son who is reasing a book with him. Google images
  • Rick Riordan's wife

    Rick Riordan's wife
    This is Rick's wife who is at his red pyramid signing. Google images
  • Rick Riordan's signature

    Rick Riordan's signature
    Rick signed his 6th book the read pyramid. Google images
  • Rick's birth day

    Rick's birth day
    Rick's birth day is this coming summer on june 5th. Wikipedia