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Richard Wayne Penniman - Little Richard 1952-1959

  • Appearance

    Bill Wright was an influence to Little Richard with his appearance; he wore pomade in his hair with flashy clothing.
    Bill Wright's stage make up appealed to Little Richard the most. Appearance
  • Period: to

    Little Richard

  • Leaving

    Richard Penniman left the record company, RCA Camden, after when his records were not catching many popularities.

    Also, his father was killed infront of a club.
    Richard settled a job at Greyhound Lines as a dishwasher. Leaving
  • Tempo Toppers

    Tempo Toppers
    Richard hired Clint Brantley as his manager, therefore, he began a leading vocal group called, "Tempo Toppers." They performed at clubs such as, New Orleans's Club Tijuana, and Houston's Club Matinee. Tempo Toppers
  • Robey's Peacock Records

    Robey's Peacock Records
    Along with Tempo Toppers, Richard signed with Don Robey's Peacock Records, recording eight sides. Peacock Records
  • Disenchanted

    Richard did not have a very good relationship with Robey, therefore, Richard disbanded Tempo Toppers and left Peacock. Disenchanted
  • Upsetters

    Richard formed a R&B band, the Upsetters, with the drummer Charles Connor and saxophonist Wilbert "Lee Diamond" Smith.
    The band provided musical and vocal support for singer Christine Kittrell. Upsetters
  • Specialty Records

    Specialty Records
    Lloyd Price suggested Richard to send a two-song demo to Price's label, Specialty Records. Specialty Records
  • Specialty Records, Art Rupe

    Specialty Records, Art Rupe
    Art Rupe had been hunting around for someone who can be a piano-pounding front man to lead a group of musicians in New Orleans. Specialty Records, Art Rupe
  • J&M Studios

    J&M Studios
    Richard started recording at Cosimo Matassa's J&M Studios in New Orleans. J&M Studios
  • Tutti-Frutti

    Richard's "Tutti-Frutti", was an instant Billboard hit that reached No.17 for Billboard Top 100.
    It reached No.2 on Billboard's Rhythm and Blues and Best-Sellers chart. Tutti-Frutti
  • Rock to Gospel

    Rock to Gospel
    Richard announced that he would quit performing rock and committed himself to the ministry and recording gospel songs. Rock to Gospel
  • Religion call

    Richard enrolled in a Bible college in Alabama when returned to the States. Religion call
  • Tour in Australia

    Tour in Australia
    Little Richard began a tour of Australia with Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent. Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent
  • Debut Religgion album

    Debut Religgion album
    Little Richard recorded "God is Real," his first religion album. God is Real
  • Los Angeles agency

    Los Angeles agency
    January 1959, Little Richard signed with an Los Angeles agnecy to set up a gospel tour in Jine. Signing a recording crontract with Gone Records. Los Angeles
  • Secretary from Washington D.C.

    Secretary from Washington D.C.
    Little Richard married Ernestine Campbell, a secretary of Washington D.C.
    He met her at an evangelical convention
    Ernestine Campbell