revolutionary war

  • Period: to

    rev war

  • proclamation of 1763

  • Tready of Paris

    This proclamation allowed the war to end with the Indians
  • French and Indian War ends

  • Stamp act

    An act placed that had a tax on every piece of paper and every stamp.
  • Quartering Act

    A new law was passed saying that soldiers must be given homes, or live in other's homes if they asked.
  • Townshed revenue act

    A tax placed on items such as class, china, and painters colours
  • Boston massacre

    Citizend attacked a british sentinial and a battle resulted, thrwing snowballs, sticks, and stones.
  • Boston Tea Party

    colonists dumped vast amounts of tea into the ocean because of the unfair taxes they were paying for it.
  • Intolerable acts Boston port Act

    This act closed off the nessecary boston port to trading and merchandise.
  • Intolerable acts Administration of Justice

    Also popularly called the murder act, this act suppressed riots and took more controll of the law.
  • Intolerable Acts Massechusets government Act

    An act allowing more royal gaurd with the patriots.
  • Intolerable Atct Quartering Act

    An act requireing soldiers to have homes and be "Catered for"
  • 1st continary congress

    A convention of deligates at carpenters hall philidelphia early on in the revolution. sam adams was one of the people who attended, a scholar that later took part in the revolution.
  • lexington and concord

    The shot that rang around the world. Paul Revere warned the Americans that the british were coming, probably saving many lives.aul revere was a son of liberty, who were leaders of the patriots. Benedict arnold was one of the captains in connecticut's militia who was later captured and taken back to britian by charled cornwallis.
  • common sense

    A book published by Thomas paine that asked for freedom and independance
  • Decloration Of Independance is read publicly

    the announcement was made that the american patriots(those who opposed the king and wished for freedom) now considered themselves their own country.written by Thomas Jefferson, and assisted with john adams, who later became the 2nd president of the united states. His wife was Abigail Adams, who is probably the most documented first lady in history, due to her many ketters of advice she sent to her husband.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    The turning point in the war. The Americans win againts british general Burgoyne and his army of loyalists; or the american colonists that remained loyal to britian and the king and a few hessians: the german auxillaries that were in contract with the king.. Goerge Washington was one of the patriot leaders in this battle and later became the 1st ever persident of the U.S. alonw wiht his wife, Martha washington.